Useful Gun Safe Accessories

useful gun safe accessories

However well made and useful your gun safe is and however full it may be, there are always ways that you can make it look and work even better for all your guns storage needs. One way to do this is to have some useful and practical accessories added to your gun safe just to enhance its usefulness. Some of these accessories include:

A Gun Safe Dehumidifier

This one comes very handy in preventing condensation from settling inside your safe. Keeping the humidity levels of your gun safe low will go a long way in keeping your gun parts from rusting. Dehumidifiers come in two types, electrical and desiccant and you can have them installed on the bottom or the wall of your safe. Considering their important use, the dehumidifiers are a must have for any gun owner and are also very easy to install. Read more on dehumidifiers

Door or Panel Organizers

You may want to have these installed if your gun safe is full to help with proper organization of all your accessories and so you may have space for the guns. There are different kinds of door or panel organizers and some even correspond to the safe brand or model.

Pistol Racks

These will mostly serve well to free up space in your gun safe. While they can be cheaply acquired, made from wire, they can also be customized to fit the theme of the gun safe. Most usually work very well to organize the pistols and prevent them from banging against each other or falling over while in the gun safe.


These are essential for obvious reasons. With gun ownership come responsibilities and you always want to ensure that your guns are always somewhere you can easily access and also that unauthorized persons are also not allowed to get to. Installing an alarm in your gun safe will ensure that you are notified when someone tries to open it. There are alarms that will alert you via email or text if this ever happens, keeping your guns in your control all the time.

Light Kit

You want your gun safe to light up when you open your safe to make it easier for you to dig through all the things you probably will end up stashing inside. Even if there is no electrical connectivity for your safe, you can get motion sensor battery operated lighting to illuminate up your safe.

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