Top 10 ‘Must-Have’ Features for a Gun Safe

top ten things for a gun safe

Probably a few years ago, owning a gun was a status symbol but owing to the heightened percentage of crime in the recent years, the erstwhile mindset has undergone a radical transformation. Owning a personal gun is one amongst the top-priorities for those who feel the need to have a concrete self-defence and security mechanism in place. Along with the possession of a gun, comes the pivotal need of keeping it safe, secure, readily accessible for you, and yet resilient to unauthorized access.

While purchasing a gun-safe, here are the top 10 ‘must-have features’ that you certainly cannot miss out on.

  • One of the most important feature for a gun safe to possess is to be Fire –Proof. If by any chance there’s a fire at your place due to short-circuits or faulty kitchen appliances, then you would certainly not like your gun to add on to the tension!
  • Choosing a locking system for your gun safe comes next. You can opt for a combination dial lock system or a digital one depending on your choice. Digital locks are quick and automatic but still some people prefer to go for dial locks as they think that they are more reliable.
  • Having a Biometric gun safe is a good idea as they take your finger print or palm impression and store them as a digital signature. So basically when you are already in a panic situation, you need not remember any codes or keep the keys safely, just your hand would do.
  • The size of the gun safe should suit your requirement. If you have no plans of purchasing more guns in future then you should always go for a small one rather than a big one. You can also keep other valuable belongings in the safe, along with the gun which, you want to protect from water, fire or burglary.
  • You should also consider the number of locking bolts your gun safe is having. Normally the more the number of locking bolts in a gun safe the more it is trustworthy.
  • Gun safe with alarms are a very good option. An alarm can always notify you about the unauthorised access to your gun whether done by a burglar or a young one. There are alarms which will text you or send you a mail when your gun is being touched by someone else.
  • A heavy-duty gun safe should be your foremost choice. It should not be fragile enough to be broken easily. Generally gun safes made from solid and pry-resistant steel are the best.
  • Gun safes with light kits are also in demand. They light up your safe so that it becomes easy for you to work.
  • A gun safe should also have a dehumidifier as this feature will restrict your gun from being rusted. Desiccant and electrical are the two types of humidifiers you can choose from.
  • Gun safe with good organised panels are a great help. This would help you to keep all your gun accessories in place and use them quickly when needed.

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  1. Tim Parsons says:

    I beleive the most important feature is to have a “safe” instead of a Reaidential Security Container.

    Check the UL label and if it states “RSC” or Residential Security Container, I wouldn’t trust it to hold up to a hammer.

    A “Class C” from Graffunder or a “TRTL15” are the minimum here.

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