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On September 29, 2014
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Stack-on PS-514

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The Stack-ON PS-514 Personal Safe has all the requisite physical features and hi-tech mechanisms to keep your pistols and handguns safe from intruders, be it at your residence or workplace or even during transit. The high-grade steel body offers excellent resistance, while the hassle-free electronic lock is ideal for accessing during emergencies, and yet ranks high on being tamper-proof. Though it has an auto-lockout mechanism for warding off intruders, there is a hidden key to help you open it in case you’ve forgotten the combination or the batteries have run out. With a 3-year warranty period and extremely long-lasting 3A batteries, the safe boasts of unmatched workmanship and the greatest attention paid to miniscule details. Moreover, the foam-lined bottom ensures that your stored arms are placed on a cushioned base, with minimal chances of encountering any physical damage.

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Space & Size: 5/5

The size and weight of this Stack-ON PS-514 Personal Safe is what caught my attention to start with. Weighed at around 25 pounds and a very compact structure of 9.6×13.8×9.6 inches, it was very startling to comprehend the holistic security features of this safe, which make it absolutely perfect for the secure storage of firearms. Apart from storing handguns and ammos, I have found it extremely convenient for storing a lot of my other valuables as well. The best part about this personal safe is that it is compact enough to be stashed away from the sight of intruders as well as children, without making too much of an effort, and can be practically fixed anywhere.

Build Quality: 4/5

As far as the build quality of this PS-514 Personal Safe that doubles up as a flawless gun safe is concerned, I must say that I’m almost thoroughly satisfied. The high-grade steel doors have an additional pry-resistant plate for greater durability. The fact that the entire structure is corrosion-proof adds to its many strength and so does the tough steel-live action locking bolts. The only reason why I’m according it a 4 on 5 is because of the fire-resistance clause, which is not completely ascertained in case of this safe. Nevertheless, its sturdy build and high-grade material makes it strong enough to resist soaring temperatures and physical intrusions to the maximal limit.

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Very reasonably priced, yet provides top-notch security features, pre-drilled holes and fastening hardware for quick mounting, conveniently programmable electronic lock and highly durable batteries.
Not ascertained as 100% fire-resistant, despite being able to withstand fluctuating temperatures and extreme physical tampering, even with tools.
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Security Features: 5/5

With respect to the security features, I have absolutely no qualms in assigning it a full score. To begin with, the electronic lock can be programmed to beep while the keypad is being operated, or to turn off the beeping as and when required. This enables you to avoid attracting unwanted attention while you are handling the keypad yourself and getting alerted with the beeps in case somebody else tries to fiddle around with the keypad. The live-action steel locking bolts and concealed hinges provide flawless safety and security and so does the pry-resistant plate steel door.

Having tucked away this easily mountable safe in an inconspicuous corner, I can safely say that it remains hidden away from outsiders. Another fantastic security feature of the safe is the presence of an emergency key that I can use in case of a battery expiration scenario, or if I simply don’t happen to remember the combination.

Packaging & Shipping: 5/5

When I first ordered the safe for official use, the packaging, shipping and delivery were simply superb. Reasonably priced, the shipping and delivery was done well within the stipulated time duration. I would also like to make a special word of mention for the flawless packaging. Having officially used the safe for over one year, I went ahead and ordered one for personal use. The delivery was as prompt as earlier, but due to some problem with the electronic lock I had to return the same. But I was eventually very impressed with the efficiency of Amazon in providing me with a replacement, as well as refunding the shipping charges.

Warranty & Maintenance: 4/5

The PS-514 Personal Safe comes with a limited warranty period of 3 year, which covers workmanship and material defects in the item. I have been using one at home as well as in office for over a year, and there have been absolutely no maintenance issues so far. My only area of concern is the limited warranty aspect, but I would also like to add that the flawless functioning of both my safes has remained consistent despite regular and repeated handling.

Our Overall Rating: 4/5

What sums up my experience of purchasing and using the PS-514 Personal Safe twice so far, has been the fact that it provides the best of both worlds. This means that it encompasses the toughness a high-quality, sturdy gun-safe along with the finesse of its electronic, programmable security lock and on the other hand, its structure is subtle enough to be stored away from prying and unwanted sights. Moreover, I think that the features are hi-tech and yet not cumbersome at all, enabling one to access the safe without any panic in the hour of need.

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  • Detachable Shelf for additional storage space
  • Inconspicuous hinges and high-grade steel bolt locking mechanism for stringent security
  • Cushioned base to avoid dents and scratches on stored firearm
  • Offers 3 security code attempts prior to lockout

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