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On August 26, 2013
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sentrysafe SFW123DSB

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When you store your collection of firearms in the SentrySafe SFW123DSB, one thing is assured, it is going to feel secure and safe. This applies to anything you feel pertinent to pack into this box cabinet type safe be it CDs, DVDs, ledger books or even ammunition. Weighing at just around 90 pounds, it is kind of bulky for its size but this also helps deter adamant burglars from taking it along after failing to get past the dual combination lock and key lock configuration. Moreover, mounting points at the bottom help secure the safe to the ground. Add to this the presence of stainless steel doors with lack of visible seams and you get a perfectly sound and secure safe. The thick stainless steel doors use four 1 inch thick sides with locking bolts and dual combination lock with laboratory testing to confirm its ruggedness even in 15 feet drops and against fires of 900 degree C. Astonishingly, this affordable gunsafe is also tested for water proofing so you know nothing can break inside the safe, be it nature or human.

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Space & Size: 5/5

The inside is quite spacious for an average Joe with the ability to pack in more than just guns. I found it could take a couple of pistols, some jewelry, electronics and vital documents with space for a bit more. The shelf provided in the SentrySafe SFW123DSB is actually adjustable over 9 different levels and helps in fitting in larger electronics such as a laptop diagonally into it. Then there are five smaller hooks on the door to hand watches and jewelry.

Build Quality: 5/5

Four inch locking bolts, thickened steel doors designed to resist burglars, fire and water, the SentrySafe SFW123DSB actually is foolproof in its design. Nothing can really get inside this safe unless it has the combination you set. With ETL approval, laboratory testing for fire proofing and water proofing you know it is capable of resisting the toughest situations be it natural or brought about by scrupulous minds.

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Dual key and combination locking mechanism, sturdy construction, fire proof and water proof while being affordable.
Kind of heavy for its size and design but that is because of the use of thick stainless steel.

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Security Features: 5/5

sentrysafe SFW123DSBLack of prying areas, perfectly concealed hinges, 4 live locking bolts, two smaller bolts to lock the safe to the floor, thick stainless steel doors all add to its impressive suite of security features. This SentrySafe is probably the best safe in the market at present in its size and price range. I was totally impressed by the fluidity of the dual combination lock with attached handle. There simply is no way you can break into it by just denting the surface nor damaging the lock.

Packaging & Shipping: 5/5

The SentrySafe SFW123DSB is heavy at around 100 pounds and so it was a big concern for me ordering it online through Thankfully, I found the delivery to be on time and in perfect condition. The delivery guys actually carried it into my bedroom for me and said that this is inclusive of their charges. Great service, excellent packaging and dependable shipping from Amazon, my current favorite gunsafe shopping destination on the net.

Warranty & Maintenance: 5/5

At around $150, I am not expecting a long warranty but the one year warranty is actually more than ample considering its construction, design and plethora of security considerations. When nothing really can damage or destroy the safe, does it matter what the warranty is? Just keep the bolts and locks well oiled and I believe this safe can last a life time.

Our Overall Rating: 5/5

sentrysafe SFW123DSB image4The SentrySafe SFW123DSB is economically priced but has got all the required safety features to keep you happy whether you are away on a vacation or taking a good night’s sleep at home. Use it for your office or your home and store guns, valuables and other stuff in it without worrying about them getting stolen or damaged in fire or water. This safe is made to last, to protect and to deter against robbers. Heavy and simple to use, it is a safe that will satisfy even the most kleptophobic person.

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  • Combination and key lock dual combination for added security.
  • Fire resistant and water resistant (1 hour at 927 degree Centigrade/8 inches for 24 hours)
  • Four 60 percent larger 1 inch solid stainless steel locking bolts.
  • Comes with mounting accessories.
  • Warranty covers against fire and water damage as well as some residual damage to property inside.

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