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On August 29, 2013
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sentrysafe GM3659e

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Certified by independent testing agencies and even by ETL, the SentrySafe GM3659E is the safest way to store and stack up on all your firearms and ammunition lying around the house. Not only is this safe burglar proof but also capable of handling high temperatures of over 1400 degree F. 30 minutes fire resistance plus the 3 dead bolts and 5 live locking steel bolts helps keep paper, documents and everything else you can imagine safe within the safe. The lock plate gets additional security by being placed within a hardened steel frame of its own that prevents intrusive attempts and drilling. The gun racks within are large enough for 36 guns such as rifles and shotguns plus the shelves can be organized as per your convenience based on what you want to keep where. As for the interiors, it is well carpeted and finished with a matte lamination powder coating on the outside. Three number combination with LED locking provides the necessary authorization to access the safe. The SentrySafe GM3659E is covered under a 1 year warranty.

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Space & Size: 4/5

Two other options exist, one with 12 guns storage and the other for 24 guns makes the SentrySafe GM3659E a larger safe, an excellent solution for folks who need customization in space and size. Both are similarly designed with exactly the same distribution of space within. Now the guns won’t all fit in comfortably if you plan on utilizing all the space but pack in about 2 to 3 guns less and you have sufficient space to hold ammunition and other stuff in it. The shelves are useful but I find them to be too deep. In fact, they extend at best, 2/3rds of the distance because of which, you really can’t store a lot on them.

Build Quality: 5/5

The overall build quality of the SentrySafe GM3659E is actually quite nice. To start with it is hardened steel plating almost all over, especially over the lock area. Then there is the powder coating outside that helps deter fires and the heavy nature of the safe that eliminates the need to actually wield it to the ground. At a price tag of less than $1000, this safe truly is an impressive piece of modern engineering.

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36 guns, safe size provides ample space, highest standard of domestic gun safe features, fire proofing and hardened steel plating.
The shelves are short and shallow with a funny smell from the wood used.
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Security Features: 5/5

Everything needed to keep adamant thieves at bay, protect against fire and other hazards is in place. The SentrySafe GM3659E doesn’t necessarily meet the highest standards but is enough to keep burglars busy for hours. Powder coating eliminates access through blow torch, hardened steel plates prevent drill access and the overall construction ensures that thieves at the site of this safe understand to stay away.

Packaging & Shipping: 5/5

The SentrySafe GM3659E comes well packed and is shipped as a priority equipment by with free shipping. They in fact, deliver in a matter of three to four days and don’t charge anything extra to help you get it setup in your home. I never look anywhere else other than Amazon for their superior shipping policy. They somehow manage to cover the cost of shipping in the retail price, which by the way for the SentrySafe GM3659E is the lowest.

Warranty & Maintenance: 5/5

SentrySafe packs in a full 1 year warranty cover on everything provided there aren’t any drill holes and so on. The electronic lock, lever, bolts and everything comes under the warranty and will be serviced free of cost within the warranty period. As for maintenance, there isn’t much to maintain with the SentrySafe GM3659E.

Our Overall Rating: 4.9/5

The SentrySafe GM3659E looks to be a sturdy safe with plenty of live locking bolts and dead bolts, an electronic entry point and hardened steel construction. Its fire safe and quite spacious, something that avid gun collectors and hunters will admire the most.

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  • Total of 3 dead bolts and 5 steel live lock bolts.
  • Independently tested and approved by RTL for fire safety with ability to resist fires of 1400 degree F.
  • Hardened steel door, hide-away hinges, thicker steel locking plate prevent drill attacks.
  • Measures 57 inch by 35.6 inch by 19.3 inch inside sufficient for 30 plus long guns.
  • Covered by 1 year limited warranty.

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