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On August 26, 2013
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The SentrySafe G1055E might look like a broom closet but it is a gun safe built in accordance with the California Department of Justice standards. Hidden under its otherwise ubiquitous exterior are pry resistant hinges, 3 live locking bolts, loads of space to stack up 10 guns together, some side arms and ammunition for all guns. Having this closet gun safe in your house, you will feel secure knowing that all your dangerous items are stored together safely under the shadow of an Electronic LED lock mechanism. And for times when you forget the code, it can be opened with the override key, your personal backup solution. The safe is made of hardened steel plates with intrusion attempt prevention and soft foam interior to help protect against storage marks and scratches. The top fixed shelf also is capable of holding documents. The SentrySafe G1055E is a 6.2 cubic feet safe.

Space & Size: 4/5

Sentry Safe G1055E image2At 6.2 cubic feet, the SentrySafe G1055E is large but it isn’t obvious at first simply because the size goes into its oblong shape to help store rifles and shotguns. At 54 inches high, with a small upper fixed shelf, there is a lot of room to pack in at least 7 large guns. However, don’t go by the 10 gun description because I seriously could not pack in more than 7 and that was cutting it too close. Nevertheless, it is large and leave a lot of space on top to maybe someday add another shelf.

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Just the right size and spacious too with good construction, heavy use of steel and an electronic lock.
Requires regular battery change to keep the electronic keypad working, is very heavy.

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Build Quality: 5/5

Sentry Safe G1055E image4The entire safe is made from stainless steel with hardened steel plates on the door. Naturally, it is quite heavy and you won’t need to bolt it to the floor to keep it from getting stolen. Also, the interior is well carpeted and has slots to rest the barrel of guns on. I feel this helps in making up the space but it does eat more of the space to the back as you can’t really access anything you keep flush with the backside if you keep your guns stacked using the slots. Overall, the construction is decent, including the electronic lock and the positioning of the entire circuitry, which is at the back of the door. The wirings are concealed and hard to get at so that is a relief. But don’t expect this safe to keep fires out.

Security Features: 5/5

The SentrySafe G1055E has got just enough security features to give me peace of mind. The electronic keypad is simple to use and together with the live locking bolts that are actually large and long, I don’t think anyone can drill or blast their way into it without spending a lot of time and making a huge ruckus.

Packaging & Shipping: 5/5

When it comes to large size gun safes or gun cabinets I always prefer simply because of their free shipping policy that includes transporting the safe to the room in your house where you plan on eventually keeping it. This in itself helps save over hundred dollars in transportation charges. As for packaging, I received the SentrySafe G1005E well packed and free from dents or bruises.

Warranty & Maintenance: 5/5

As long as you don’t drill or produce dents on the safe, the electronic keypad isn’t tampered with, SentrySafe will cover any repairs on the G1055E. Considering its price range, this is an impressive feature. Moreover, the only maintenance you require with this safe is regular oiling and the use of a dehumidifier.

Our Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Offering more than just basic protection for your rifles and shotguns, the SentrySafe G1055E has got sufficient features to keep the most adamant of security freaks at peace. Live locking bolts, electronic LED entry panel and recessed edges with a heavy steal plated construction make it ideal for just about anyone searching for a gun safe capable of storing multiple firearms. Neither too expensive nor too frivolous in safety features, it is a perfect balance between functionality, security and affordability.

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  • Powder coated black finish on top of hardened steel plates with a chrome finished lever.
  • Pry resistant recessed edges and crevices with 3 steel live locking bolts.
  • Bolt down hardware also inclusive in packaging for securing the safe to the ground.
  • Fixed shelf on top for additional storage space.
  • 10 gun capacity or 6.2 cubic feet of stowage space.

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