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On August 5, 2013
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Do you own a lot of large firearms? If safely storing them is a problem for you then the SentrySafe G0135 can help you. With the G0135 gun safe, you get a snug fit for 5 long guns or a comfortable fit for 4. It’s a simple no-frills kind of gun safe that you would want in your house if you like stacking up on shotguns, rifles and the likes. An uncomplicated 8 lever lock system should keep children away and your guns privy from outsiders. The G0135 might look like a big black cabinet except it is made from 2mm thick solid steel doors. Try blasting into that and you are sure to get a few shrapnel embedded in your skull. A fixed rack on top does not take away much space allowing you to actually store sidearm and ammunition. It is ergonomically designed and spacious enough for a few vital documents too. It’s secure and strong and it does its job well. It’s designed to keep your guns out of the hands of nosy children or thieves and just about anyone with it’s innovated locking system. Rest assured this bad boy will not be opened easily by anyone without permission from you and only you.

Space & Size: 3/5

The SentrySafe G0135 is rated as a 5 guns storage unit but in reality, it holds 3 large guns or rifles and shotguns together with very little space to add in a forth unit. The 1 square foot size with 4’7″ height is adequate enough for a few guns though you won’t find it spacious if you are a gun collector or an avid gun fan. Thankfully, it does come with a top shelf to store ammunition and can accommodate another shelf if required. There are no storage pouches or hangers on the door so don’t expect customizability with this safe. It is at best a personal gun cabinet designed for an average individual.

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Overall Rating
Rating: 3.7/5 (1 vote cast)

Compact, simple to use, 2mm steel doors with hidden hinges and live locking bolts. Great for small collections for an average individual.
Isn’t fireproof, waterproof, spacious and can hold just 3 to 4 large guns with some ammo. Tends to lose its paint and shine over time.

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Build Quality: 4/5

Made from 2mm thick solid steel doors with overall steel encasing that is thick but not heavy, the SentrySafe G0135 is more of a gun cabinet with a key lock than a proper gun safe. However, I do feel that it offers adequate build quality to keep thieves out long enough. Moreover, the use of locking bolts does make it sturdier. The paint quality though leaves a bit to be desired for as it chips and flakes away slowly.

Security Features 3.5/5

No combination lock or electronic lock makes the SentrySafe G0135 an average security gun safe. The key lock is a 8 lever system with tumbler locking that uses a large key, which I found to be a pain to carry around. However, it does work flawlessly and is easy to open with. As for other security features, it lacks fire proofing and water proofing. Thankfully, it allows mounting options to affix it to the ground or the wall with all mounting accessories included in the packaging.

Packaging & Shipping: 4/5

The SentrySafe G0135 comes well packaged and ships quick but my piece did come with a little flaked paint from the edges, which I suspect was because of rough handling during shipping. This isn’t an issue though as the safe itself was perfectly intact and in prime condition. The tumblers in the lock fell right, they worked fine and the bolts locked fluently from the first time around. A word of caution though, a few users have complained that their safe arrived without any keys.

Warranty & Maintenance: 4/5

Sentrysafe has had complaints in the past regarding their owner authentication protocols. They may ask you for a notarized copy of your receipts and warranty papers before helping out with any repairs or other issues. However, overall, this product seems to have a decent warranty protection that ought to cover any major defects. Moreover, maintaining the safe is easy as it lacks advanced features and you might only have to regularly oil the locking bolts, the key hole and hidden hinges to keep it in prime condition.

Our Overall Rating: 3.7/5

Like I said before, the SentrySafe G0135 is more of a secure gun storage cabinet, one that will deter intruders. Looking at its low price and sturdy construction with a dependable locking system, I would say it is perfect for the average long gun owner who wishes to keep his collection away from children and visitors. Can if fight away burglars? Maybe not the determined and skilled kind but an average Joe will never manage to get in. Want more security then look at higher models with electronic locks and all those dazzling technological features. Want a basic easy to use gun safe then the SentrySafe G0135 is perfect for you.

Features and SpecificationsMore Pictures
  • Hold up to 5 large guns
  • Includes a shelf for other items
  • 8 lever security key with double bit key
  • Solid steel door – 2mm
  • Exterior dimensions: 55″H x 12″W x 11 1/2″ D
  • Interior dimensions: 53 1/2″H x 11.8″W x 9 1/2″D
  • Black metallic finish gun safe.
  • Hidden hinge design for added security
  • 2mm thick steel doors.
  • Eight Lever Lock with double bitted key and two live locking bolts.
  • Meets California Department of Justice Standards.

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