Sentry Gun Safes

One of the very first companies to introduce fire proof safes, SentrySafe has been in the market for well over 80 years manufacturing and innovating new designs, improving on older ones and making homes and offices a much more safer and secure place. Their gun safes are generally well regarded and provide fire and burglar protection of the highest standard. From pistol safes to large gun cabinet styled safes, they have it all.

About SentrySafe

A family operated business, SentrySafe was first founded in 1930 by the pioneers, Willard Punnett and John D. Brush Sr. They saw the importance of operating as a family business and till date the company works as a close knit unit with employees scattered over 50 different countries and 6 continents.

SentrySafe was one of the first mass producers for fire resistant safes but they never rested on their laurels continuously innovating and inventing, finding new ways to make their safes more resistant to destructive forces. They received the first UL certification in 1955 and introduced improved locking technology gradually over the next four decades. Today, they provide safes that are fire, burglar and water safe with a plethora of locking features such as number lock, combination dial, key lock and even biometric locks.

Our Top Sentry Gun Safes

SentrySafe SFW123DSB

SentrySafe SFW123DSBAverage Customer Rating: 5-starsbest review
4 live locking bolts, 2 more to secure the SentrySafe SFW123DSB to the ground with a combination lock and key lock mechanism, plenty of organizational opportunity, fire proof and water proof, there is a lot going on with this gun safe. It is definitely one of the best small cabinet sized safes in the market at present.

ProsPros: Well sized, heavy security and highly dependable. SentrySafe SFW123DSB review
ConsCons: Heavy at over 100 pounds.

SentrySafe GM3659E

SentrySafe GM3659E Average Customer Rating: 5-stars2nd best review
When security matters the most ahead of budget and functionality, the SentrySafe GM3659E is the ideal choice with a massive 36 gun capacity in less than $1200. It will never be enough to use lock and key, hence the SentrySafe GM3659E offers digital combination lock protected by live locking bolts, dead bolts and hardened steel plates to help you feel secure about your firearms and valuable possessions.

ProsPros: Massive storage space and shelves, good construction, 1 year warranty. SentrySafe GM3659E  review
ConsCons: Plywood used stinks a bit, shelves are shallow.

SentrySafe G1055E

SentrySafe G1055EAverage Customer Rating: 5-stars3rd best review
Ubiquitous looking cabinet with an electronic lock, the SentrySafe G1055E actually stores a lot more than just a few large guns. It can hold a handgun, ammunition, shotguns, rifles, mini-crossbows and much more. Sturdily built with loads of steel, live locking bolts and dead bolts, electronic locking keypad and a decent weight, it is sure to keep burglars and children away.

ProsPros: 10 gun capacity, extra top shelf to store ammunition,
rugged construction. SentrySafe G1055E review
ConsCons: Heavy for the size.

SentrySafe G1459E

SentrySafe G1459EAverage Customer Rating: 4-starstop rated
Live locking bolts, dead bolts, plenty of space to store over 15 guns, adjustable racks, electronic locking with back-up key lock, heavy frame and construction make the SentrySafe G1459E a superior gun safe for gun collectors or gun lovers. Did I mention it is also quite affordable with a price tag below $600? Yes, you do get a bargain deal with this chrome accentuated black beauty.

ProsPros: Can hold many guns, good construction, easy to use. SentrySafe G1459E review
ConsCons: Just designed to keep guns safe from theft and children, isn’t fireproof or waterproof.

SentrySafe G0135

SentrySafe G0135Average Customer Rating: 3.5-starstop rated
Blessed with a small set of features and an equally small price tag, the SentrySafe G0135 is your ubiquitous gun safe designed to securely store a handful of guns away from prying eyes. It features 2mm thick steel doors, sturdy construction, 2 bit locking key and a decent warranty cover. You simply cannot go wrong with this safe as long as you don’t plan on owning more than 5 guns at most.

ProsPros: Small sized, easy to use and highly affordable.SentrySafe G0135 review
ConsCons: Not fire or water proof, only 2mm thick doors and flaky paint.

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