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My personal favorites might be SentrySafe, GunVault and Stack-On but there are plenty more manufacturers in the market. Some are new others seeded in tradition. Many of these gun safe makers are mostly localized and manufacture safes as per buyer specifications, which is great for hiding them in your wall, up in the attic and into hidden bookshelves or more.

Take for example Barska, a leading manufacturer of gun optics, binoculars, military grade equipment and survivalist tools. The company originally dealt exclusively in high quality optics but soon branched out into safes now manufacturing some of the best biometric gun safes, which they have aptly tagged as Quick Access Gun Safes.

Then there is First Alert, a leader in everything related to home security from keypad home alarms, motions sensors, fire alarms, fire extinguishers to safes or all types and sizes. Their gun safes are affordable and reliable with a plethora of locking options available.

I personally lack the time to review and categorize every brand, model and make and hence decided to group together smaller manufacturers and their best product under this heading, ‘Notable Others’. Here are my top picks.

Our Top Gun Safes From Various Makers

Honeywell Model 1104

Honeywell Model 1104Average Customer Rating: 5-starstop rated
Worried about keeping your documents safe and secure? Well, worry no more. The rock solid, pocket-friendly, durable and spacious Honeywell 1104 Chest is here! Offering fire rating protection of 1 hour and water protection of 48 hours, it also has two compression side latches for extra water protection. With a simple lock and key mechanism and a lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee, this is a valuable possession for your valuable papers.

ProsPros: Spacious, highly secured, inexpensive, fireproof, 48 hours waterproof.First Alert 2096DF review
ConsCons: Fairly heavy and has to remain flat for effective performance.

First Alert 2096DF

First Alert 2096DFAverage Customer Rating: 4.5-starstop rated
A simple design with advanced features and sturdy construction makes the First Alert 2096DF an affordable yet totally dependable solution to safeguarding firearms and important items in the house. Once wall or floor mounted it is practically indestructible and burglar safe. Just remember to set the combination and remember it otherwise you may just have to use the key time and again to reset the lock.

ProsPros: Rugged and sturdy design, easy unlocking and locking. First Alert 2096DF review
ConsCons: Heavy for the size.

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