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On May 4, 2014
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honeywell 1104

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Storing important documents, firearms, legal papers, passport, bank papers, etc. can sometimes seem to be a matter of concern because no place seems to be safe enough. There are always chances of misplacing the documents or losing them. What if your personal firearm fell in the wrong hands? What if your children accidentally got hold of your gun? And if luck isn’t really in your favour then you might spill water over them or lose them to a fire accident. More often than not, the original documents are essential and cannot be substituted with a photocopy. In such situations, you need a safe and secure place that can ensure utmost protection.

Bring into your life the Honeywell 1104 Chest and put a rest to all these tensions. It has enough space to securely hold your valuable documents, CDs, pen-drives, firearms etc., protecting them from both fire and water. Additionally, it is easy to store, handy, very sturdy and has a strong carrying handle to shift it from one place to another. Honeywell 1104 is the ideal safe to keep all your prized documents and electronic media safe.

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Space & Size: 4/5

The Honeywell 1104 Chest has an internal storage capacity of 0.38 cubic feet and ideal to store A4 size papers, legal documents, flash drives, CDs, passports, bank passbooks, etc. It is fairly big but not humongous in size, hence can be easily slipped under the bed, when kept in horizontal position. You cannot probably fit in all your documents in there, but it has enough space to hold quite a lot of the important ones. However, if you fit in a handgun with a spare magazine then you probably won’t have much space left afterwards. It is advisable not to fold your documents and instead place them flat in order to make the best use of the capacity. For the price, the size and space offered is quite a good deal.

Build Quality: 5/5

The Honeywell 1104 Chest is very heavy but is provided with a handle on the top to manoeuvre it with little effort. It is made of scratch resistant plastic, both internally and externally and has metal latches attached on the sides. The metal clasps may not feel strong enough but complaining about them is a rare possibility. The walls are quite thick and it has a watertight seal running inside. Since the Honeywell 1104 Chest is quite heavy, weighing around 60 pounds, attaching a wheel-base to it or strapping it to a pushcart would be a convenient thing to do.

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1 hour rated fire protection. 48 hours waterproof. Sturdy. Two side latches for extra security. Portable. Easy storage. Adequately sized to fit A4 size and legal documents. Affordable.
Quite heavy. Always has to remain in flat or horizontal position.

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Security Features: 5/5

First and foremost, one must remember that the Honeywell 1104 Chest is not a vault to prevent your jewellery, etc. from burglary or theft. It is rather simply a fireproof and waterproof chest to protect your important documents. Contrary to a lot of similar chests in the market, which offer a half an hour fire protection, the Honeywell 1104 Chest gives a one hour fire protection. Additionally, it is waterproof up to 48 hours and the two side metal latches with dual compression features give extra protection against water.

The only thing to be kept in mind is that to make best use of the chest and for effective protection mechanism the chest has to remain in horizontal position. It is not possible in case of emergencies, to pick it up and run away, owing to its heavy weight, therefore, it has features to ascertain optimum protection. To keep the documents or particulars of the chest further protected, keeping silica gel inside the chest is recommended.

Packaging & Shipping: 5/5

Since the Honeywell 1104 is bulky, chances of getting damaged during shipping are very little. It was perfectly packed and shipped with absolutely no additional shipping charges. The keys and the instruction manual were also enclosed with it. Also, the delivery was made within the stipulated time without any hassles.

Warranty & Maintenance: 5/5

The Honeywell 1104 Chest comes with a 7 year limited manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee. In case, unfortunately, there is a fire the chest will be sealed shut until forcibly opened. But re-using the safe is not an option. In this case, Honeywell will send a replacement chest at your doorstep, on report by the original owner.

Our Overall Rating: 4.9/5

The Honeywell 1104 Chest is an ideal choice for those who want perfect security for their important documents or other small valuables. From insurance papers to passport to legal papers, as well as vital electronic media, all of it can be stored safely in one box. The only downside of it, its excessive weight, is also a positive feature because it cannot be easily stolen or misplaced. Made of high quality material and assuring 1 hour fire protection and two days of water protection, the Honeywell 1104 Chest is undoubtedly the most reliable option. Furthermore, it is affordable and not very complicated to use as well.

Features and SpecificationsMore Pictures
  • Dimensions: 17 x 19.9 x 7.3 inches
  • Weight: 56lbs
  • 48 hours water protection
  • 1 hour fire protection
  • Side latches for additional security from water
  • Storage capacity: 0.38 cubic feet
  • Fire temperature limit: 1700F or 927 degree Celsius
  • Water protection limit: 39 inches or to the depth of 1m of water
  • 7 years limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee after fire

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