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On August 26, 2013
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gunvault sv500

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Nothing like the sense of security associated with a firearm tucked under your pillow. If ease of access is what you crave but want a decent amount of protection for your firearm then the pillow might not be the perfect place to keep a pistol. The Gunvault SV500 is designed for such use, being compact and quick to open, it can be mounted on the underside of the bed, underneath a table or within a concealed compartment. Loads of mounting options, remote battery operated, quick access digital keypad with buttons and digital combination lock, key override and optional silent operations, you get a bleeding edge design made for the common man.

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Space & Size: 5/5

The SV500 is available in a single one pistol size. It comes as a single tier compact, that can hold only a few chosen pistols and maybe the smaller revolvers. The smallest option available yet, it will provide just enough space to pack in a single pistol with no spare clip, which is more than sufficient to feel safe in your bedroom or office. Besides, the smaller a pistol safe is the easier it is conceal and hence, I feel that the shape and design of the Gunvault SV500 deserves credit. (It works best when mounted along the edges of the table or your bed.)

Build Quality: 5/5

Now I wasn’t expecting 9 gauge steel since it is a compact handgun safe but it was heartwarming to see that the 18 gauge steel was reinforced at the front with precise construction to eliminate any portions that may be open for prying with a crowbar. Then there is the sturdy electronic locking mechanism with four simple buttons to quickly punch in codes even in darkness that actually helps work out the system quicker. The interior is lined with a heavy but soft foam padding so transporting a gun within it is possible. It kind of feels more like a futuristic sidearm holster except it hangs under your table or your bed.

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Four button quick combination, simplified mechanism, sliding down opening system, easy mounting feature.
Not at all protective of your firearm as 18 gauge steel can be easily dented.

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Security Features: 4/5

Four buttons together help punch in your combination and if it is correct, the safe opens. Wrong entries sound a beeping alarm and after a few wrong attempts, it will automatically lock down. I found these two features quite alluring but then thought a little longer and felt that it could also be a problem if I want quick and silent access. Thankfully, the Gunvault SV500 does come with an option to mute the sounds. The only problem is to do this you have to first open the safe, so my advice set it to mute before hitting the bed and once you wake up, rest the alarm back.

As for the batteries, they seem to drain power lavishly and I don’t think they are going to last more than 25 days at a stretch. The AC adapter does help out but don’t feel too restricted by it. A beep alerts you to low battery so you ideally should not be locked out of your own safe.

Packaging & Shipping: 5/5

My Gunvault SV500 was expressed shipped from Amazon as it cost nothing extra. I received it in a couple of days with hardly any denting or scratching. The packaging was tough, with lots of bubble wrapping and the packing box was in perfect symmetric shape. In short, use as they seem to take a lot more care than many other online sellers. Best of all, the return policy on gun safes is excellent. I had to once return a gun cabinet because the wiring was faulty and they reimbursed back my shipping charges along with an alternate piece.

Warranty & Maintenance: 4/5

Warranty for the Gunvault SV500 spans a single year and is just about enough considering its below $150 price tag. As long as you don’t regularly open and close the safe just for the heck of it, the safe ought to last you a good two years. Just remember, the only thing that can go wrong with this safe is the electronic locking mechanism. Thankfully, the key lock feature does let you continue using the safe until a suitable replacement arrives.

Heads up, the spring mechanism that drops the cover down will eventually get rusty so best to keep it well lubricated.

Our Overall Rating: 4.6/5

Compact, available for the smallest of spaces, the Gunvault SV500 personal firearm safe is a perfect way to safeguard your bedside, office space or your home. It isn’t obvious with its size but neither is it too conspicuous to use. I found it to be an excellent option for the underside of the bed with a quick access panel that gives me the same comfort of keeping a firearm under the pillow of mattress. Inexpensive yet cutting edge, the SV500 is a worthy investment.

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  • Solid 18 Gauge stainless steel construction.
  • Multiple mounting points and options.
  • Digital keypad access and quick override key.
  • LED low battery and audio warning sounds.

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