Gunvault Gun Safes

GunVault sets the standard for the entire industry when it comes to truly premium grade security products. They have plenty of patented designs starting from the No-Eyes Keypad to the Bio Pad that offer exceptionally quick access even in the dark. GunVault makes everything from pistol safes to fireproof gun cabinets.

About GunVault

An innovator and industry leader, GunVault has been in the game for well over 20 years developing reliable and dependable safes with security solutions that help keep personal valuables, guns and firearms secure while offering quick access.
Adhering with latest technological advancements, GunVault safes are made from the heaviest gauge steel with rugged exteriors and soft interiors that caress your firearms keeping them in foam-lined interiors. They use high tensile locking mechanisms that release quick and lock even quicker helping gain access in a matter of seconds.
GunVault recently received top honors as the Safety Product of the Year for its MicroVault Bio line which is unique because of its size, shape and design that lets you carry a handgun or extremely important documents securely.

Our Top GunVault Gun Safes

GunVault GV2000C-DLX

GunVault GV2000C-DLXAverage Customer Rating: 5-starsbest review
The best safe to keep your guns and ammos safe is one that blends the latest technology with ease of handling, and extremely prompt access for use during inadvertent situations. The Gunvault GV2000C-DLX seamlessly merges operational efficiency with state-of-the art technology to provide the highest standards of safety and security that is a mandatory requirement for storage of guns and other ammunition.

ProsPros: Lightning-fast access, tamper-proof security features Gunvault GV2000C-DLX reviewwith over 12 million user codes.
ConsCons: Warranty period restricted to 1 year duration for repair or replacement.

GunVault GV1000D

GunVault GV1000DAverage Customer Rating: 4-stars2nd best review
Made from 16 gauge steel with a sturdy outer body and an electronic combination system that uses buttons set into grooves for your fingers making it easy to open in the darkness. The GunVault GV1000D is a compact, reliable and advanced gun safe exclusively designed to keep your handgun close to your bed or your office table. This is a personal safe that is also highly portable by design.

ProsPros: Good construction, easy to use and high on security features. GunVault GV1000D review
ConsCons: Not the best in terms of reliability, warranty or space.

GunVault SV500

GunVault GV1000DAverage Customer Rating: 4-stars3rd best review
Unique upright design with 18 gauge steel construction, single compartment space for a pull-out holster style gun placing gives the Gunvault SV500 a funky yet functional look. Exactly what an office table or bed underside needs to make you feel safe and secure without taking away the ease of access.

ProsPros: Compact, easy to use, well padded and concealed. GunVault SV500 review
ConsCons: Thin construction, battery life is poor.

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