Gun Storage and Preservation

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I am surprised by how many people actually own guns but never understand the need for proper preservation and storage. Remember, one does not use something like a gun every day, so it can get jammed if you don’t take care of it and store it in a dry location. Shared here are a few tips on efficient and effective gun storage and preservation.

Storage Basics

Never Keep Your Gun Or Firearm Loaded

Never ever keep a gun loaded when you have it at your home. Load it only when you are ready to or need to use it. This obviously applies to all firearms. A loaded gun can corrode from the inside, with the firing mechanism locking in place. This will eventually lead to a backfire, not something you would want.

Keep The Gun At All Times In A Safe

Always keep your gun secure and safe in a gun safe. I don’t advise on using lock and key, a cabinet and other such ornamental solutions. While they look nice, they aren’t particularly secure. A gun safe ensures that your collection never falls in the wrong hands.

Ensure That Gun Is Stored But Is Theft Or Burglar Proof

Keeping your gun in a safe or under lock and key is one aspect of gun storage; another thing is to ensure that it is burglar proof and linked to an alarm. This is especially important if you are an arm’s collector and have more than one firearm or possess a few rare artifacts.

Preservation Basics

But storing a gun is only half the solution. Preservation is the other requirement. Here are a few preservation tips.

  • Make sure that the location you choose for your guns is dry and at a good temperature. If you are dealing with antique guns, this is of vital importance. Also, use gloves at all times when handling your guns.
  • To keep the gun in a good and running condition, clean it often with cotton swab and avoid any strong cleansing material. Moreover, take it to an authorised dealer for proper servicing periodically.
  • Always store large guns upright and fully supported. Never lean the barrels against the safe’s wall as wood tends to curl over time.
  • You get desiccant bags to store guns in. These are great for long duration storage, especially if you don’t plan on firing them for long. Alternatively, you can store guns in a sack with a few silica gels.

There are many ways to ensure that your gun is safely stored and preserved for long. However, it is important to pay attention to basics especially if you have kids around the house. Most pros tend to understand the need for constant cleaning, supervision and test firing. But if you are new to gun ownership then learn how to take care of your firearms before investing in such a responsibility. Make no mistake, a firearm is a huge responsibility and prevention, safety and awareness are the steps towards becoming a responsible and aware gun owner.

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  1. Cloudswimmer says:

    “Never keep your gun or firearm loaded” I think many of our nations top firearms training academies like Gunsite, Thunder Ranch, LFI, etc. would disagree with you on this, as do I. A personal defense firearm is useless unloaded, and the time it takes you to load that firearm under stress could mean the difference between living or dying.

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