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Having tackled questions about type of lock, features to have and more in our buying guide, you would have already made a few selections. Now, all that remains is to select one particular model. Well before doing that, go through these commonly asked questions on gun safes. You might just learn a thing or two.

Are all gun safes the same?

No, not all the gun safes are the same as they all come in different sizes. But before buying one you need to consider models which offer fire and burglary protection. The construction, type of mechanism for locking and the metal thickness are the most important factors to look for. One can easily penetrate into a gun safe using a drill if the gauge steel of the safe is not sufficient. 12 gauge steel is the best choice but 7 to 10 gauge steel makes it even better. Another important factor is the door construction. A good gun safe has a ¼” solid plate or a composite equivalent inside the door. ½” steel is thicker and better with underwriter laboratory burglar ratings. It is better to go for a gun safe that offers a longer period of fire protection, say 1 hour which is cost effective and worthy having a UL rating for placing important documents.

For more information, refer to the Gun Safe Buying Guide.

Is a fireproof safe enough for protection?

Mere fireproofed safe does not serve the purpose against burglary. Fireproof and waterproof gun safes provide resistance to smoke, heat and water. They do a successful job in protecting delicate documents like cash, but safes with thin metal can be easy targets for burglars as they can be easily penetrated with simple tools. It is important to find the right safes, which have been designed efficiently to prevent forced entry.

What are the things that one must look for before buying a safe?

Fire proofing and theft protection are important but not exclusive. Therefore, based on the type of documents that is to be stored, content value storage is another important factor. It is better to invest on a quality safe that offers good features than going cheap on your budget.

What kind of door is required for a safe?

If you want a safe with its contents to survive a fire hazard, mere floor safes are not sufficient. Though floor safes provide protection to save potential content, they are not fire resistant as they have thin metal at the bottom. However they do a fine job of assuring protection when it comes to burglary. Concrete fire safe is a better option as they do not allow fire to enter easily and give complete protection.

When should one use wall safes?

Since wall safes are made of very thin gauge metal, it is never recommended for one to buy them. One must never store huge amount of content inside these safes. Such wall safes make it easy for the burglars to invade by just using a saw. Though it is well hidden they can be found very easily. For long term storage a burglar fire safe with a burglar alarm facility will serve the best purpose for protection of many essential documents.

What can you do if your safe is not fire proof?

One must never keep essential documents that include family photos, CDs if the safe is not fireproof since they will burn and char easily. In such cases, a better option would be buying a data and media safe and store your precious documents inside it before keeping it in a gun safe along with your firearms.

What should be the minimum fire rating in order to protect paper and money?

Fire rating of 1 hour or more is necessary to protect document and paper content. Since one does not know how long it will take to douse a fire, it is important to give your documents and firearms the best protection when it comes to fire hazards.

How does one calculate the interior size of the safe according to what one plans to place in the safe?

In order to ensure maximum protection, it is important to calculate the area that one requires for the inside of a safe to keep contents in the safe and use the features efficiently. This is measured by using cubic feet to determine the interior of the safe which will help in the process of choosing the safe of the right size to store and collect more items that one will get in the future.

What Is The Best Place To Place A Safe?

When one does not have a burglar alarm system it is a challenge when it comes to placing the safe in the right place. So here are a few factors that you can consider. Will the place where you keep the safe encourage you to use it? Would you still commit to using a safe if it is in an area that is hard to reach or normally don’t visit? Is there enough light to operate the lock and see inside the safe? Does the current location support the safe? Also, remember that if the safe is heavy it requires good and strong flooring. So it is better to bolt the safe to the floor.

Why is it necessary for one to anchor the safe?

Anchoring the safe is an extremely important step and is highly recommended because burglars can break into safes easily by moving it elsewhere where they have the time to operate it and get into it. Hence, it is important to be very cautious and take the necessary precautions, just to ensure that your safe is well hidden and not found. Anchoring therefore provides the required security regardless of the size of the safe. Every safe comes with a hole on the bottom surface, which is easy to anchor into either a wood or concrete floor. If you wish to take the safe or want to move it elsewhere, just remove the bolts.

There are certain companies that have high professionalism when it comes to selling these equipments and will provide entire information that you are looking for with many possible solutions. So it is important to choose a company which has a showroom and a huge lineup of safes. The company must also be reliable enough to cater to the needs of the people with flexibility to help in any kind of situation.

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  1. Steve says:

    My question is, and I have not seen this addressed, is what locking mechanisms would still work in the event of an EMP attack? And have any locking mechanisms been tested in use under an EMP?

    Thanks, Steve

  2. Rick says:

    Does anyone make a small biometric gunsafe that plugs in, & has battery backup?

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