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On August 26, 2013
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First Alert 2096DF

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When I first laid my eyes on the First Alert 2096DF, I felt it was not a conventional gun safe just by its looks. To start with it has a solid square outer shape akin with traditional safes but once you open it and look at the space within, the padding and the amount of security features it boasts, it becomes evident that this is a hardcore gun safe. 2.1 cubic feet is the highest configuration available in this model with 2 dead bolts and 4 live locking bolts. Moreover, the hinges are situated to the inside and well hidden from view with hardly any space between the door and the sides to push in a crowbar. The impregnable nature is further bolstered by the use of a digital keypad with override key option. This basically lets you silently get at your guns in the heat of the moment and if you do forget the combination then use the key to gain quick access. First Alert provides 1 hour fire resistance in this safe rated at 1700 degree F with adjustable racks, removable shelves and vertical file hangers.

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Space & Size: 5/5

The First Alert 2096DF gun safe is available in three different sizes each with the same inside setup of vertical file hanger, adjustable shelves and padding. You get the option of going for a 0.94, 1.31 or 2.14 cubic feet capacity, price accordingly varying. I opted for the smallest of the lot just to check out what is the minimum space on offer. Astonishingly, it does pack a lot of open space inside for keeping small firearms with documents, jewelry and electronics.

Build Quality: 5/5

The 2.14 cubic feet capacity safe is about 150 pounds and the one I got, the smallest size is around 100 pounds. Basically, this safe is quite heavy for its size and so it won’t be easy carrying it around. Next, the use of high density tensile stainless steel for both the doors and sides gives me a lot of assurance against forced entry. Obviously, it isn’t your highly expensive safe so don’t expect a lot of ruggedness but it is enough to withstand fires of 1700 degree F and so it must also be capable of lasting longer under duress of a drill, blow torch and crowbar.

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Three different sizes, lots of configurations, fire safe, well built, sturdy and built like a fortress.
Quite heavy and bulky even for the smallest 0.94 cubic feet size.

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Security Features: 5/5

The security features in the First Alert 2096DF include the use of an electronic digital lock, 2 dead bolts and 4 live locking bolts with the ability to mount it on the wall or the floor. These together give it a lot of safety while being fire resistant does add to the mix. I personally felt the digital locking mechanism was easy to use and the keys being quicker. About the overall safety, I have to say that it appears really rigid in its authorization protocols and so you and anyone who knows the code will be the exclusive members who can access the safe.

Packaging & Shipping: 5/5 once again came up full guns blazing delivering the First Alert 2096DF in a record 1 and half day time. This was the quickest ever and I even got a discount on it. Packaging was decent with foam padding and the right container used to prevent any kind of damage to it. Just remember to ask the delivery guys to carry it to the room you eventually plan to install it in because it is deceivingly heavy.

Warranty & Maintenance: 5/5

First Alert safes usually have a decent warranty cover and support policy. The 2096DF is no different and their warranty even covers damages caused to products within the safe because of a fire that is proven to be under 1700 degrees. This leads me to believe that they are actually serious of the boasts they give out on this safe. It must really be very well made to resist 1700 degree Fahrenheit fires and also keep intruders at bay.

The only real concern you will eventually have is the digital lock deteriorating with time. This is the only reason why you will have to change the safe after a couple of years or less depending on how regularly you open the safe.

Our Overall Rating: 4.7/5

The First Alert 2096DF might look like a conventional safe from the outside but only you know that it has got 4 dead and 2 live bolts to deter intruders. Plus, a programmable digital combination pad does give you a lot of assurance against theft. At a decent price, you do get a decent safe capable of securing most of your documents and important items, without every giving up to thieves or natural elements such as water and fire.

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  • Digital programmable backlit keypad and combination of emergency override key for added security and convenience.
  • Large 2.1 cubic foot capacity.
  • Durable construction, concealed hinges with 4/2 live and dead bolt setup.
  • Interior pull out file rack with 2 removable/adjustable shelves
  • Resistant to fires of 1700 degree F, classified as UL 1 hour resistance

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