Choosing a Locking Bolt for Your Gun Safe Cabinet

Guns are no ordinary things that can be left anywhere. It requires careful handling and safekeeping in order to avoid harm to other people. Gun safes are used by people in securing and protecting their firearms.

choosing the right locking bolt

Getting a gun safe is not a trivial matter. It is a key to keeping the safety of the people surrounding you. But choosing one comes with other considerations that you have to assess prior purchase. Part of the things that you need to consider is the lock and locking bolt incorporated in the construction of the gun safe’s door. Below are some recommendations you might want to look into before finally getting your firearms protector.

Combination dial lock

While combination dial locks are slower to open than electronic locks, some still consider the former more durable and trustworthy when it comes to securing your guns. It is not as secret to anyone how powerful and tricky technology is—anybody can likely copy the digital or biometric codes of some gun safe. If you decide to get a safe with combination lock, always remember to relock the gun safe by spinning the handle and working the handle.

Digital lock

There may be a number of people who stick to the traditional type of safe lock, but there are also some users who go for digital locks—around 80% of the total gun safe owners actually use this kind of lock. This type is considerably faster to open and closes automatically (without even prompting you to manually do the job). Safes with digital locks also have an added security feature as it allows owners to change codes whenever they deem necessary.

Number of locking bolts

Always be sure that your gun safe has a minimum of two (2) locking bolts on each of the four sides of the container. Avoid gun safe with bolts on only one or three sides. Generally speaking, the more lock bolts present in your safe, the more you can consider it safe. If there seem to be glitches in the form or structure of the safe you are eyeing, make it a point to discuss the features with the dealer/manufacturer before you actually get the vault.

Do not think twice if you should get a gun safe or not. It’s a necessity rather than a luxury. The locking device of the safe will always depend on your preference, just make sure that what you’re getting fits your needs for security and protection.

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