Biometric Gun Safes

Fingerprints are possibly the most unique identifying features of an individual. It is this feature that Biometric gun safes aim at exploiting in an attempt to lock and protect valuables. Biometric gun safes are a recent innovation dating back a decade or so. Prior to this, biometrics were used mostly in high security vaults, for tagging prisoners and for government employees working in high security offices. Today, biometrics are an integral part of life.

Pros Of Biometric Safes

Quite frankly, biometric safes provide the highest degree of protection and prevent unauthorized entry. They are designed to keep intruders out at all costs allowing only those whose fingerprints are stored in its database to gain access. Naturally, they are 100 percent accurate and reliable, easy to use and quick too. Moreover, because you wear your fingerprints, you never again have to remember a code, carry a key or fidget with the combination in an emergency situation. Flash your finger across the reading pad and the safe opens up to you in a matter of seconds.

Cons Of Biometric Safes

Biometric safes need electricity to power the reading unit, storage and every other component. If the battery runs out you are locked out of your own safe. This is possibly the biggest disadvantage because of which I suggest always opting for a biometric safe with a key override feature. A minor issue with these safes is that at times it is easy to lock yourself out if the biometric reader is too smudged up or damaged.

Our Top Biometric Gun Safes

SentrySafe Biometric Pistol Safe

SentrySafe Biometric Pistol SafeAverage Customer Rating: 5-starstop rated
A misfire from your gun or the gun falling into wrong hands is a dreaded thought! To put an end to it bring the Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access. Equipped with biometric mechanism together with an active keypad, it is highly dependable, durable and ideally sized for your pistol. Portable and small, it does not require a lot of storage space. Also, it is very easy to use and will not fail you during vital situations. Without a second thought make this small investment and earn yourself a lifelong asset.

ProsPros: Rock solid, biometric system, lock-key backup access, adequate size. SentrySafe Biometric Pistol Safe
ConsCons: Keypad could have been more firm.

Barska Top Opening Biometric

Barska Top Opening BiometricAverage Customer Rating: 4-starstop rated
This 14.75” x 11.25” x 5” solid steel safe boasts of hi-tech biometric security, which means that you can be rest assured of your valuables and personal ammunition being safely locked away from any sort of prying or intrusion. With a powerful battery back-up and motorized deadbolt locking system, the safe’s advanced security features make it a strong contender for the best biometric safe in the market.

ProsPros: Light-weight, sturdy with latest biometric security Barska Top Opening Biometric reviewfeatures at an extremely nominal price.
ConsCons: Not fire-proof, fingerprint scanner needs to be cleaned regularly for effective functioning.

Barska AX11224

Barska AX11224Average Customer Rating: 4-starstop rated
Biometric locks are the future and it is here with the Barska AX11224. This gun safe has a single compartment with lots of space to keep many handguns and a few valuables together with ammunition. Two live locking bolts, 30 fingerprint memory and a loud beep to signal false entry are its other attractive features. Remember, this is also one of the most affordable biometric safes around.

ProsPros: Affordable, good construction, easy to use and totally secure. Barska AX11224 review
ConsCons: Needs a careful setup and maintenance.

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