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Fingerprints are possibly the most unique identifying features of an individual. It is this feature that Biometric gun safes aim at exploiting in an attempt to lock and protect valuables. Biometric gun safes are a recent innovation dating back a decade or so. Prior to this, biometrics were used mostly in high security vaults, for tagging prisoners and for government employees working in high security offices. Today, biometrics are an integral part of life.

Pros Of Biometric Safes

Quite frankly, biometric safes provide the highest degree of protection and prevent unauthorized entry. They are designed to keep intruders out at all costs allowing only those whose fingerprints are stored in its database to gain access. Naturally, they are 100 percent accurate and reliable, easy to use and quick too. Moreover, because you wear your fingerprints, you never again have to remember a code, carry a key or fidget with the combination in an emergency situation. Flash your finger across the reading pad and the safe opens up to you in a matter of seconds.

Cons Of Biometric Safes

Biometric safes need electricity to power the reading unit, storage and every other component. If the battery runs out you are locked out of your own safe. This is possibly the biggest disadvantage because of which I suggest always opting for a biometric safe with a key override feature. A minor issue with these safes is that at times it is easy to lock yourself out if the biometric reader is too smudged up or damaged.

Our Top 5 Biometric Gun Safes:

Shopping for a biometric gun safe? The two most important considerations are going to be security and reliability. What you ultimately want is something that will be able to stand up to just about anything. You aren’t just purchasing a means to store your guns. You are essentially purchasing a profound peace of mind for yourself, and for anyone else who lives in your household. Now more than ever, the importance of responsible gun ownership must be taken to heart. This includes buying a biometric safe, which is quite possibly the best type of gun safe currently on the market.

There are a number of different biometric gun safes on the market. Biometrics technology as it relates to gun safes is still being explored. Even so, these safes have improved by leaps and bounds, over the course of the past few years.

Let’s take a look at our top 5 biometric gun safes currently available.

#1 GunVault SVB 500

This product from GunVault is pretty impressive across the board. Capable of holding up to twenty individual fingerprints, you will also want to note such features as the biometrics fingerprints scanner, the activation button, and the eighteen-gauge steel construction. The defensive foam-lined interiors is another thing worth keeping in mind.

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#2 VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe


This one is a little pricier than the safe listed above, but it won’t take very long to understand why that is the case. Bluetooth capabilities will allow you to monitor and control your safe with a wide range of devices. The auto-open lid is a nice feature, as is the rechargeable battery.  This is the biometic gun safe of the future and we recommend you pick it up.

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#3 Viking Security Safe VS-25BL

Viking Security Safe VS-25BL

Ideal for handguns, this biometric safe from Viking Security is quite the little powerhouse. The 500DPI optical sensor with keypad makes using the safe quite easy. You will also appreciate the way this safe can open in less than one second, once it has been activated. The safe is made of steel.

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#4 Verifi Smart Safe

Verifi Smart SafeTo be sure, this FBI-certified fingerprint sensor is definitely one of the pricier examples of biometric gun safes. But the features are quite frankly astonishing, including fast-access/finger-touch security measures, AutoLock, NiteLite, and an LCD screen that can be read easily. Don’t bother with a potentially problematic PIN code for access.

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#5 Barska Biometric Safe

Barska Biometric SafeFeaturing a fingerprint locking system, this Barska biometric gun safe measures 8” high by 16” wide. Made from a range of durable, easy-to-maintain materials, this safe includes the ability to save as many as thirty different fingerprints. It also has a good reputation for reliability, in addition to its durability. This also doubles as the perfect drawer safe.

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Our Biometric Gun Safe Reviews:

SentrySafe Biometric Pistol Safe

SentrySafe Biometric Pistol SafeAverage Customer Rating: 5-starstop rated
A misfire from your gun or the gun falling into wrong hands is a dreaded thought! To put an end to it bring the Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access. Equipped with biometric mechanism together with an active keypad, it is highly dependable, durable and ideally sized for your pistol. Portable and small, it does not require a lot of storage space. Also, it is very easy to use and will not fail you during vital situations. Without a second thought make this small investment and earn yourself a lifelong asset.

ProsPros: Rock solid, biometric system, lock-key backup access, adequate size. SentrySafe Biometric Pistol Safe
ConsCons: Keypad could have been more firm.

Barska Top Opening Biometric

Barska Top Opening BiometricAverage Customer Rating: 4-starstop rated
This 14.75” x 11.25” x 5” solid steel safe boasts of hi-tech biometric security, which means that you can be rest assured of your valuables and personal ammunition being safely locked away from any sort of prying or intrusion. With a powerful battery back-up and motorized deadbolt locking system, the safe’s advanced security features make it a strong contender for the best biometric safe in the market.

ProsPros: Light-weight, sturdy with latest biometric security Barska Top Opening Biometric reviewfeatures at an extremely nominal price.
ConsCons: Not fire-proof, fingerprint scanner needs to be cleaned regularly for effective functioning.

Barska AX11224

Barska AX11224Average Customer Rating: 4-starstop rated
Biometric locks are the future and it is here with the Barska AX11224. This gun safe has a single compartment with lots of space to keep many handguns and a few valuables together with ammunition. Two live locking bolts, 30 fingerprint memory and a loud beep to signal false entry are its other attractive features. Remember, this is also one of the most affordable biometric safes around.

ProsPros: Affordable, good construction, easy to use and totally secure. Barska AX11224 review
ConsCons: Needs a careful setup and maintenance.

Biometrics Related To Gun Safes

With gun safety concerns at an all-time high, it makes sense to approach the issue by knowing without question that you own the best possible gun safe for your budgets and needs. There are a number of options on the market that can help you. Biometric gun safes have become popular in recent years, particularly as the technology behind biometrics has become more sophisticated. This is with particular regard towards gun safes. To put it another way, the models of today are almost infinitely superior to early examples of biometric gun safes.

The technology in of itself is fairly straightforward. Traditional safes use locks, or keys in certain cases. A biometric gun safe uses biometrics, which involves the use of fingerprints. Rather than unlock your gun safe by traditional means, you will instead simply submit your fingerprint to the part of the safe that handles the scanning. Once approved, the safe will then open. The best biometric gun safes on the market will be the ones that open in less than a second. Biometric gun safes can also store more than just one set of fingerprints. Some models can store as many as a few dozen. Biometrics provides concrete security for your firearms.

Reliability Of Biometric Gun Safes

Are biometric gun safes reliable? As gun owners shore up on security and safety measures, biometric gun safes have become a popular topic among owners and enthusiasts. At the end of the day, the conversation always comes down to reliability. It should go without saying that when you are shopping for something like a biometric gun safe, you want to find a model that is flawless in this arena. A reliable biometrics gun safe should safeguard your weapons from falling into the hands of intruders, family members, or anyone who simply doesn’t need access to your guns.

Biometric gun safes are extremely reliable, since they only approve fingerprints. Some models are better than others at this core feature. To that end, make sure you do your homework on the best biometric gun safes available. We have made several suggestions, but you will find that there are quite a few out there to choose from. When you read reviews, make sure to focus your attention on the issue of reliability. Pay attention to what other people have had to say on that topic. The best examples of biometric gun safes are going to prove to be some of the most reliable gun safes available anywhere.

Are Biometric Gun Safes Important?

In this day and age, with gun violence being what it is, and the number of firearm-related accidents continuing to remain at high numbers, biometric gun safes are more important than ever. Using the kind of fingerprint technology that is used by law enforcement agencies and companies worldwide, biometrics brings a considerable element of additional protection to your home or even your place of business.

This is because a biometric gun safe makes it virtually impossible for someone to get into your safe without your permission. While it is true that most biometrics gun safes allow you to add as many as 20 or 30 people (or fingerprints) to your system, it is still true that you are the one who makes the final call. The system is only going to recognize the fingerprints that you have told it to recognize. This is a straightforward way to protect yourself, while also protecting those you love. The best examples of biometric gun safes represent the forefront of gun safety in 2017.

Are biometric gun safes important? Absolutely. As we mentioned before, in this day and age, biometric gun safes are more important than ever. They represent a comprehensively responsible choice for smart gun owners and enthusiasts.

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