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On August 26, 2013
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Barska AX11224

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Firearms and valuables are two things that you never want outsiders to gain access to and so the Barska Biometric Safe helps provide you with an outlet to prevent scrupulous minds from stealing away your valued possessions. It is a state of the art gun safe with compact yet convenient storage options. With the ability to store 30 fingerprints, it can give multiple access to your family members while preventing others from breaking into it. Two solid steel locking bolts with hidden hinges take care of its security but what really sets it apart is the fact that either you have the authority to use the safe or you don’t there is no way it can go wrong in giving access to users. The Barska AX11224 biometric safe is shipped with mounting accessories so you can also secure it to the cabinet top, underside of the bed or the floor and wall.

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Space & Size: 5/5

I won’t say that this is a spacious safe but it is ideal for storing a few pistols and revolvers with ammunition and jewelry or a couple of important papers. Don’t expect a lot of space though as it only has a single compartment and no provision for partitioning the area. However, I felt that its size made it that much more easier to conceal while providing the opportunity to multitask with the safe.

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Biometric locking is foolproof with a few precautions, compact, lightweight and affordable.
Flawed setup instructions, drains battery quick, single shelf design.

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Build Quality: 3.5/5

31 pounds, stainless steel construction, the use of two locking solid steel bolts will give you a lot assurance against tampering or unwanted attempts at opening the safe but I could not find any information on how thick the steel doors were. In my opinion I felt the doors are actually 16 gauge steel with a hollow space within or in other words it is double doors. I really don’t think this can resist drill attacks but the biometric locking mechanism does let me sleep in some peace.

Security Features: 3.5/5

I must give it a full 5 by 5 for security features considering its biometric mechanism works wonderful. My only complaint is the twisted instructions that at first hoodwink you into believing that the locking system is armed and primed. Only later do you realize after using the wrong hand or finger that it doesn’t even remember what you inputted. This led me to read further in forums and find out that the setup instructions from Barska are flawed. You have to keep the Initialization button pressed throughout the setup to keep the system from eliminating the fingerprint after it reads it. Also wipe down the surface of the reader after every use and this isn’t a friendly advice rather a warning as most biometric safes can be cracked by a child who understands how fingerprint smudges can stick onto glossy surfaces.

Packaging & Shipping: 4/5

This is one area where I give it a decent 4 out of 5 because it was shipped by I had to however call back the seller and request them to send me the mounting hardware as it was missing from my shipment. Overall, I have never had complications with Amazon and so will advise others to try their service out if you haven’t yet done so.

Warranty & Maintenance: 4/5

Under $200, this is possibly the most affordable biometric safe with sufficient space to store handguns, valuables and jewelry. Now, I won’t say that it needs some tinkering and maintenance but because of the lack of mechanical or heavy electronic components, it may just last longer than others. Moreover, the key overrides work perfectly well so you won’t have to worry even after the fingerprint reader goes out of commission. It will perform its role satisfactorily until you get a suitable replacement.

Our Overall Rating: 4/5

The Barska AX11224 has just one access point that is your fingerprints. Its simplistic approach towards safety makes it much more secure and convenient for home users. A swipe of the finger lets you open the box and therefore should prove beneficial in emergency situations. Priced at a premium, the Barska ax11224 is targeted towards people who want to safely store their valuables and guns away from robbers, children and mischief mongers without having to over complicate things.

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  • Measures 16.5 Inches by 7.75 Inches by 14.5 Inches; compact and convenient.
  • Weighs 31 pounds and comes with mounting hardware and two back-up keys.
  • Uses a glass fingerprint reader and stores 30 fingerprints.
  • Sufficient storage space for pistols, side arms, documents, jewelry and other valuables.

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