Why American Made Gun Safe Is More Durable

why made in usa safes are better

Gun ownership comes with a big responsibility. When you buy a gun, you must also consider buying a gun safe and go for American-made safes. Not only are you patronizing products made by the hard-working people in the U.S.A., you are also assured of high quality. American manufacturers produce gun safes with the highest quality materials and the best craftsmanship.

Due to the period of economic downturn in the 1990s, manufacturers looked into China for production of gun safes to reduce their manufacturing costs since the country was known for cheap labor and low material cost. That is the reason why we can see low-quality gun safes in the market today.

At a glance, you may not find any difference but look closer and you’ll discover the big difference in quality.

The body of a gun safe is made of steel and so is most of its interior. The steel used to make gun safes in China is almost 35% softer than the steel used by American manufactures. The weak steel is easily penetrable by drills and other specialized tools.

You would probably deposit your jewelries and important documents in a gun safe, and manufacturers protect it against fire by installing fireboard or drywall layers but as expected, gun safes made outside America have low quality fireboards which do not provide adequate fire insulation.

The durability of a gun safe depends on the construction of its body. Overseas, the process uses six separate sides, which are then welded together. They then grind the sharp edges for aesthetic purposes. This process adds to a weakened body because the edges that they grind become thinner. American manufacturers don’t do welding or grinding, instead they do the bending. They take one piece of steel and bend it to create the four sides of the safe then they add the door and the back side. This process is called the uni-body construction which produces a very tough gun safe.

There is also the question of the locking system. When it comes to boltwork, re-lockers, and hardplates, look for the “Made in the USA” mark and you can never go wrong.

And you know that all American made products have a much better warranty than those inferior products but if your budget allows only the purchase of a Chinese-made gun safe, read the fine print to check the limits of your warranty. Don’t let your budget be the all-controlling factor when you buy a gun safe. An American made safe lasts a lifetime while you may have to replace the inferior ones in a few years.

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